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Welcome to Amitaqq!

The workspace booking app for hybrid workers

Deploy our workspace booking app instantly with zero IT knowledge. 

Setting up your own workspace reservation system is a breeze. Experience the seamless setup process as you effortlessly populate it with all your locations, floorplans, and amenities in just minutes.

Say goodbye to complexities and say YES to Amitaqq!


Intutive interface

GO-ITS 25.0 compliant

An unlocked icon representing Amitaqq's commitment to optimizing and facilitating workspace booking and management. The icon portrays an open padlock, symbolizing the seamless and secure access to a streamlined workspace reservation process. It visually communicates Amitaqq's dedication to enhancing productivity and convenience by simplifying the workspace booking experience.
A screenshot of the Amitaqq workspace booking app displaying the location screen. Multiple
A clock icon to communicate the concept of efficiency of our Amitaqq workspace booking app.
A captivating photo showcasing modern office buildings with sleek architecture and glass facades, standing tall amidst a bustling urban landscape. The sun casts a warm glow on the structures, emphasizing their contemporary design.

Simplifying complexity: No training needed

Our intuitive interface makes the process seamless and user-friendly, eliminating the need for extensive training or technical expertise.

Unlock the potential of your office spaces, meeting rooms, cubicles, and more as you empower your employees and partners to book their preferred workspace effortlessly.

You can transform your workspace management experience with just a few simple steps.


Say goodbye to tedious manual booking processes and embrace the convenience of digital transformation.

Start booking with Amitaqq

Elevate collaboration and resource utilization

Optimize your workspace utilization and foster collaboration within your organization. Amitaqq enables your teams to book office spaces, meeting rooms, cubicles, and more, promoting seamless collaboration and resource sharing. 

Deploy Amitaqq today and unlock the potential of effortless workspace management, empowering your organization to thrive in the modern work landscape

A photo depicting a man working at the office in a hybrid environment. The man is seated at a desk, surrounded by a combination of physical and digital tools. He is engaged in his work, with a laptop open in front of him and a notebook and pen nearby. The image showcases the blend of traditional office elements and modern technology, representing the seamless integration of remote work and in-person collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

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