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Amitaqq features

We bring you the ultimate solution for managing and reserving workspaces effortlessly. Our app has been meticulously designed to provide your hybrid users with the best workspace booking experience.

Microsoft 365 logo

Instant deployment with Microsoft 365

Maximize the power of Microsoft 365 by rapidly deploying Amitaqq to your tenant within minutes, you can unlock a host of benefits that significantly enhance your users' experience.

Single Sign-On icon

Seamless Single Sign-On

Streamline access with seamless single sign-on using Entra ID (Azure/O365). By integrating with your organization's authentication infrastructure, Amitaqq eliminates the need for separate usernames and passwords.

An icon representing our user-friendly UI, designed with ease of use in mind.

User-friendly and intuitive

Experience simplicity and ease of use with Amitaqq. Our user-friendly design ensures quick adoption, requiring no extensive training or complex rollout for your employees. Get started quickly and efficiently.

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Fully integrated with Microsoft teams

Maximize productivity and collaboration with our seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. Book workspaces, manage reservations, and communicate with team members, all within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment.

An icon representing the unparalleled security features of our workspace booking application.

Unparalleled Security

and compliance

Your security is paramount. Amitaqq is fully compliant with GO-ITS 25.0 Security requirements, providing the highest standards of data protection. Rest assured, we prioritize your privacy by not storing personally identifiable information (PII) data.

An icon representing the Active-Active Primary and Disaster Recovery Sites.

Active-Active Primary and disaster recovery sites

Reliability and continuity are our top priorities. We operates with both primary and disaster recovery sites running in an active-active configuration using scalable clusters. 

An icon symbolizing our commitment to Canadian data residence.

Canadian Data Residency and Global Availability

We ensure compliance with Canadian data residency regulations. Amitaqq stores your data in Canada, while also offering global availability upon request. Tailor the data residency to suit your specific needs.

Multilingual icon

Empowering Multilingual Communication

Experience a world of seamless workspace booking with our application, meticulously designed to cater to a global audience speaking various languages. Our application effortlessly accommodates diverse linguistic preferences, empowering users worldwide to reserve workspaces easily. 

Deploy Amitaqq today and transform your workspace management experience.

Sign up for Amitaqq today and revolutionize the way you manage your workspaces!

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